Motorcycle adventures for wild women

Andalusia Enduro Getaway

Three days of dust and glory with women riders: our Andalusia Enduro Getaway is for those of you who can’t take a longer vacation but want to rip up dirt. Fly to Malaga, join our crew at Toro Trail, ride the stunning Andalusian countryside for three days, and fly back just in time for work!

We love the Andalusia BLR tour because the scenery is jaw – dropping, the bikes are light and sprightly, and our fearless leader and instructor at Toro Trail is Lyndon Foster, the father of wheelies and the well of empathy. Lyndon is an excellent teacher, the trails in Andalusia are out of this world, and we’ve got three days to cover mountain passes, beaches, crazy local trails, and a variety of terrain that’ll take your skills to the next level.

Experience level: beginner/ medium

Date: September 12 – 16, 2023

Price: 1350 €



Day 1


Arrival to Malaga. We’ll pick you up, have some tapas and sangria, and head to the Toro Trail villa, also known as the Moto Refugee Sanctuary. You’ll see why.

Day 2

Let the ride begin!

We’ll jump aboard our Husqvarna 350 motorcycles, meet our nutcase guides Lyndon and Adrian, and hit the trails. Expect gravel roads, forest trails, canyons, dry riverbeds, and more such awesomeness – Andalusian terrain is incredibly diverse!

Day 3 

Another day of riding, learning, exploring, and improving your skills. You’ll be doing some hillclimbs, tackling river crossings, and enjoying yourself so much you’ll already be plotting your next adventure.

Day 4

By now, you’ll be the expert on all things hills, creeks, and dry riverbeds, and you’ll be flying along the Andalusian trails like nobody’s business! After a full day’s ride, there’ll be beer o’clock and a pool party at Toro Trail. Salud!

Day 5

Until the next tour!


Payment made easy with a QR code or with a link below


– airport transfers from/to Malaga
– bike rental and fuel
– accommodation (shared rooms in a Spanish villa+swimming pool) and breakfast/lunch meals
– guides and instructors
– gear rental depending on your size


– flights
– dinners
– adult beverages