Adventure and Off-Road Tours: Designed by Women, for Women




Big Little Rides is a concept that we’re better together: when women ride dirt bikes and go on adventures together, we get further, ride better, and have more fun. A lot more fun.

Our mission with Big Little Rides is simple – we organize all-female adventure and dirt motorcycle tours in Colombia, Belize, Spain, Romania, Portugal, and wherever else the devil and two wheels may take us.

We organize blitz enduro weekends, five-day expeditions, and long adventure rides in exotic locations exclusively for women. Whether it’s a dirt bike training tour or a long journey, our gals ride together with us, learn with us, travel with us, and, you guessed it, have a ridiculous amount of fun with us.

Big Little Rides is for wild women with big ideas: we ride dirt, we fall, we get up again, we get muddy, we break things, and we discover places. It’s hard to describe that feeling we get when a bunch of dirt bike engines start roaring, braids and ponytails flapping from under the helmets, and off we go – a mad and brilliant cavalcade of moto women on a quest to ride, laugh, and be free.

Come ride with us!

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Jurga is a boat captain, motorcycle rider and traveler, wakeboarder, lover of elephants and the Okavango Delta, CEO of Really Good Ideas, event planner, and the soul of the party. Trust Jurga to come up with the craziest destinations, mix a perfect Cuba Libre, and inspire a band of beginner riders to take on Romanian trails or Belizean wilderness!

Jurga’s favorite places to ride: Morocco, South East Asia, Ecuador, Spain



Eglė is a motorcycle traveler and amateur rally racer, writer by calling and rider by fate, secret admirer of Jules Verne and Hemingway’s daiquiris, and a passionate fan of all things South America and overland travel. Eglė is the Managing Director of Finding Cool Places to Ride, and she’s a gem to have around when you’re stuck in a rut or need your bike rescued from a ditch.

Eglė’s favourite places to ride: Colombia, Peru, Romania 


GALS ARE saying



If you’re after a superbly moto holiday FULL of adventure then look no further. I joined the women’s only Belize tour and had an absolute blast. Over 25 activities in 11 days with a wonderful group of like-minded gals! I would 100% do another of their trips and highly recommend.

Vanessa “The Girl On a Bike” Ruck

Andalusia, Spain: I was so excited and fascinated at the same time. Jurga and Egle are two great women who always motivated me even when the head was blocked or the body was tired. Girls, be brave and book their trips, you won’t regret it. This trip was one of the best of my life. Everything was perfectly organized, and you will have lots of fun, too!

Elke Kornberger

Motoholidays with Egle, Jurga, and a crew of badass girls in Transylvania back in 2021 is one of my most memorable trips: magical nature, incredible local hospitality and kindness, great food, out-of-this-world off-road trails and a kickass KTM 500 EXC-F! And that’s not all – the other gals in our group were straight up cool and enjoying life to the fullest. Challenges overcome together, dances around a bonfire, and a black bear spotted in the Transylvanian woods will always make me smile whenever I hear the name “Big Little Rides”.


I can’t contain the joy after testing out Andalusian trails with the ladies and the most amazing guides ever!

First day started with riding basics. Everything was explained in detail, with demonstration and individual tips. 

Later followed trails, mountain passes, slopes, and river crossings of varied difficulty. Fun, some scary descents, amazing views, and individual feedback. 

The vibe within the group was super positive. We cheered for each other and discussed each challenging part before and after. On day three, I faced the biggest challenge so far – a rather steep upward slope with gullies and a slight turn left at the top. Hitting the throttle too hard, I crashed, but I wasn’t hurt, and the damaged bike was replaced – so I got to try two different models.

An hour or two later, I was able to relax again. The other riders and the instructors had been checking on me regularly, and I’m so thankful for the support ❤️❤️❤️

Key takeaways:

– Stuff is possible if you have confidence… and a decent pair of gluteus maximus 😎

– Practice regularly and gradually increase difficulty 😀

– It’s OK to let go of some things💃

All in all, I have been incredibly lucky to be able to participate and learn new skills from people who are crazy good at what they do. It was great to meet the gals, and huge thanks to my inspiration: Monika, Eglė, Jurga, and Lyndon🤩


It doesn’t matter that my riding experience is little, or that every morning, I’m nervous whether I can handle the bike – is it going to be too tall, too big, too heavy? I’m not alone – riding together, we all share the jitters, the doubts, and the fears, and we overcome it all together. It’s incredible how your fears transform into confidence riding with other women, even when you’re tackling terrain you’ve never ridden before. The nature, the atmosphere, the vibes – riding with Egle and Jurga and a company of other women, you feel like you’re not just improving your skills but gaining something more, a sense of strength and freedom inside.