Motorcycle adventures for wild women



Five days of dirt bike madness in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania!

We’ll be abusing the crap out of Yamaha WR250R bikes, treasure – hunt the ghost of Dracula at the Bran castle, ride the forests and mountains of Transylvania, wheelie, and hang out with our Romanian guides who are rarely found anywhere else but the trails and who periodically race the RedBull Romaniacs.

There might also be bears in the woods and there will definitely be beers at the end of each day.


Ride Belize with a crew of female riders and guides!  Caribbean vibes, lightweight dual-sport bikes, jungles, Mayan ruins, and white sandy beaches are all on the menu on this trip.

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Belize is designed by women for women: our local host and bike rental owner is the axis of awesome Emma, a Swedish gal who’s spent more than a decade riding, exploring, and running tours in Belize.


Ride Colombia with a crew of like-minded women! This all-female dual sport adventure includes twelve days of traveling across the Andes Mountains, the coffee region, and the mysterious Tatacoa Desert.  We’ll be exploring Colombia’s most scenic dirt and tarmac routes, discovering colorful little towns, organic coffee farms, and Andean trails, and resting up in beautiful traditional haciendas – all in the company of other women.


Touring Andalusia on a motorbike is an unforgettable experience. Andalusia has varied terrain, with its marshes and valleys, passing through meadows, rolling hills, forests and mountains, deserts, and craggy peaks.

The tour will be led by both Eglė and Jurga​. In addition, we have​ Lyndon Foster​ and his Spaniard guides to assist us with everything.

The bikes we will be riding are Husqvarna 250s and 350s. 

We will be staying at Lyndon’s Toro Trail villa in small Spanish – style​ casitas​ throughout the tour. It’s like this huge dirt bike and villa compound – we will have the use of the grounds, the swimming pool, and the bar all in one place.