Motorcycle adventures for wild women



Explore Andalusia with us! From sunset cruises in Malaga and a visit to the magnificent Alhambra Palace in Granada to three days of dust and glory on dirt bikes: our Andalusian getaway is all about showcasing the best that Southern Spain has to offer and ripping up dirt with other women riders.



Ride, sail, and surf Portugal with us! In April, we’re headed to Portugal for some skill training and riding on Sherco motorcycles, a private yacht party out on the water, and surfing lessons to finish the trip with a bang. Portugal is so diverse and so beautiful we figured the best way to experience it was on dirt bikes, boats, and surfboards all in one go!


Ride and sail with us in Croatia! We’re off to explore Croatia’s mountain scenery aboard Honda CRF motorcycles – and enjoy the Adriatic Sea aboard a private sailboat. That’s right, this all-female adventure tour is both about dirt biking and sailing, so pack your riding gear…and your swimmers!


Explore Northern Morocco with us! Next fall, we’re going on an adventure to Chefchaouen, the magical Blue City of the Rif Mountains. Leaving from our base in Malaga, Spain, we’ll transport the bikes over to M’diq, Morocco, and set out to ride North Africa’s stunning mountain passes and valleys off-road.

Spanish Backroads

Join the Big Little Rides women’s motorcycle tour in Spain – a gentle introduction to adventure riding in the very heart of Andalusia, one of our favorite destinations in the world!
Think twisty backroads, hidden gems, jaw-dropping landscapes, and the charms of Moorish history and Andalusian culture experienced through cuisine, Old Town wanders, and a sunset cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.