Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Colombia

Women’s Adventure Motorcycle Tour in Colombia

Ride Colombia with a crew of like-minded women! This all-female adventure includes twelve days of riding across the Andes Mountains, the coffee region, and the mysterious Tatacoa Desert.  We’ll be exploring Colombia’s most scenic dirt and tarmac routes, discovering colorful little towns, organic coffee farms, and Andean trails, and resting up in  traditional Colombian haciendas – all in the company of other women.

Colombia is an incredibly diverse country ideal for motorcycling: the landscapes and views will change daily, and you’ll be able to explore mountains, jungle, and desert all in one trip. Colombia’s mild and sunny weather, friendly locals, and awe-inspiring scenery makes it an adventure destination perfect for two wheels – and perfect for exploring places off the beaten path.

We will be riding lightweight and nimble Honda XRE300 adventure bikes, enjoying local hospitality, tasting organic coffee, and riding places few tourists get to see. This tour is designed for beginner and mid-level riders eager to ride both pavement and dirt, and we promise there’ll be no shortage of adventures, laughs, and “wow” moments along the way!


Experience level: beginner/ mid-level riders



(routes are subject to change due to weather conditions)

12 Days/11 nights

Ride days: 8

Rest Days: 2

Day 1

Arrival to Medellin, meet and greet, bike paperwork, a delicious Colombian dinner in downtown Medellin, and briefing before tomorrow’s ride.

Night 1: Medellin

Day 2

Today is a short but adventurous introduction to Colombia’s green rolling hills, dirt trails, and one of the most colorful places in the country – the town of Guatape. We’ll leave Medellin in the morning, weave out of the city, and immerse ourselves in Colombian countryside vibes and dirt trails zigzagging across hills and valleys stopping for lunch in one of the villages along the way.

Our destination today is Guatape, famous for its vibrant Old Town and the Guatape rock – a strange standalone stone tower you can climb to enjoy the views of the blue lagoons and Guatape town below.

Night 2: Guatape

Day 3

Today, we’ll be heading South following scenic backcountry roads and dirt routes. There’ll be plenty of fun twisties and mountain views!

Night 3: Salamina

Day 4

Now for the coffee country! Colombia’s zona cafetera is a region world-famous for its organic coffee farms and the Cocora Valley, a remote yet stunning place boasting the tallest palm trees on the planet. 

Night 4: Filandia (Salento)

Day 5

It’s time to get off the bikes and on horseback! Today is a rest day to explore the coffee farms, try out the delicious local coffee for yourself, or do a horseback tour around the Cocora Valley area.

Night 5: Filandia

Day 6

The adventure begins in full swing: today, we will be riding the Cocora Valley itself with its breath-taking mountain views, swaying palm trees, adrenaline-inducing switchbacks and plenty of dirt. Get ready to braap!

Night 6: Ibague

Day 7

Leaving the Andes Mountains behind, we’ll aim for the lowlands today, discovering Colombia’s hidden gem – the Tatacoa Desert. Red rock formations, canyons, and the starriest skies in the Northern Hemisphere guaranteed!

Night 7: Tatacoa

Day 8

Now for some jungle: saying farewell to the Tatacoa Desert, we’ll ride toward River Magdalena, Colombia’s largest river steeped in history and heritage. We’ll end the day’s ride in Girardot, a river port town famous for its waterpark and reptile sanctuary. 

Night 8: Girardot

Day 9

Rest day in Girardot: you can simply kick back and relax by the pool, check out the waterpark in Girardot, or go on a tour to visit an alligator and snake sanctuary in a town nearby.

Night 9: Girardot

Day 10

Following the slow-moving waters of River Magdalena – the same river beloved by Simon Bolivar and famed by the books of Gabriel Garcia Marquez – we’ll travel towards Puerto Boyaca sticking to tarmac routes and watching out for monkeys along the way.

Night 10: Puerto Boyaca

Day 11

On our last ride, we’ll tackle some seriously fun twisties and begin climbing again leaving the lowlands behind and heading towards Medellin along a route with so many curves you may forget how to ride straight after the day is over!

Back in Medellin, we’ll return the bikes and celebrate the trip with a dinner and some cold ones out in town.

Day 12


The Nitty Gritty:

Price: EUR 3,800 per person (*subject to change for 2023)

Included in the price:

Airport transfer from/to Medellin airport 

Accommodation in a twin or triple share room (room shares will be rotated)

Motorcycle rental (Honda XRE300, Kawasaki Versys 300)


11 breakfasts 

Entries to National Parks 

Not included:


Lunch and dinner meals and adult beverages

Rest day activities – organic coffee farm tour and waterpark in Girardot

More information:

Motorcycles: Honda XR300, Kawasaki Versys 300 

Luggage: each motorcycle will have a top box. If you think you may need more luggage space, please bring a waterproof duffel bag and some rok straps or bungee cords. We will be traveling to different hotels each day, so please pack light – you will need to carry your luggage on the bike!

Accommodation: 3-star hotels, a traditional Colombian hacienda, glamping pods in the desert (subject to change depending on the number of tour participants).

Insurance: We strongly recommend you have a good travel insurance policy that covers motorcycling and other outdoor activities.

Packing List

Colombia is called “a country of eternal spring” because of its mild, warm, and sunny weather. It’s best to ride in lightweight adventure or off-road gear and have a rainproof cover – just in case.

Be sure to bring:

  • A helmet; sturdy, over-the-ankle boots (motocross, enduro, or adventure type); summer gloves; pants and jacket with knee, elbow, back, and shoulder protection; a lightweight rain jacket
  • Base layers and a thermal layer – the weather may be a little colder at higher altitudes
  • Sunscreen and bug spray
  • Any medications you may be taking
  • Swimwear
  • Hiking shoes and flipflops
  • Your essentials – a change of clothes, toiletries, and the like. Pack light – we will be changing hotels several times during the tour!



       – What it’s like to ride motorcycles in Colombia?

Colombia often feels like it’s been designed with motorcyclists in mind: the roads here are twisty and fun, the off-road trails offer fantastic views, and Colombians love motorcycles – so much so that you’ll get friendly waves and smiles from the locals everywhere you go. Colombian traffic may appear a little hectic in the bigger cities, and you’ll need to watch out for wandering livestock out in the backcountry, but riding in Colombia is safe – and it’s ridiculous fun.


– Where do I fly in?

You should book your flights to and from Medellin.

– What gear do I need?

Bring your off-road-oriented or adventure riding gear. We highly recommend:

  • Off-road-oriented knee pads or knee braces
  • Enduro, motocross, or adventure type boots that cover your ankle and shin
  • Off-road or adventure type helmet
  • Body armor with a lightweight jersey over it
  • Light rain jacket (you’re unlikely to need it, but bring it just in case)
  • Light summer gloves
  • Thermal layers

Your gear choices are up to you, but we like our riders to stay safe during the tour, so just make sure you’re wearing good protectives!

– I’m short. Can the bikes be lowered?

Hell yes! We will have a couple of lower bikes for the shorties.

– What’s the weather like?

Mild, warm, and sunny! We don’t expect rain or cold, but at higher altitudes, weather can sometimes be a little unpredictable, so it’s best to have rain gear and a thermal layer or an over-jacket just in case.

– What is the accommodation like?

We will be staying at comfortable hotels, beautiful traditional haciendas, and resorts. 

– Who are the guides and the crew?

Your tour guides are Jurga and Egle – two motorcycle-obsessed chicas on a mission to ride the world one obscure destination at a time. To date, Egle and Jurga have led women’s enduro events and tours in Portugal, Belize, Romania, and Spain, and the gals who ride with us are brilliant moto souls just like you – our mission is to ride, explore, have a ridiculous amount of fun together, and support each other every mile of the way.

Still got questions? Shoot us a message or give us a call at +447730712856



Big Little Rides is for wild women with big ideas: we ride dirt, we fall, we get up again, we get muddy, we break things, and we discover places. It’s hard to describe that feeling we get when a bunch of dirt bike engines start roaring, braids and ponytails flapping from under the helmets, and off we go – a mad and brilliant cavalcade of moto women on a quest to ride, laugh, and be free.

Come ride with us!