Motorcycle adventures for wild women

Transylvania Enduro

Join an all-female five-day dirt bike training tour in Transylvania! Beginners and mid-level riders welcome: this is an adventure, a scenic ride, and plenty of dirt riding training rolled into one. Your guides and support crew will be Egle and Jurga, and you’ll be experiencing the very best of Transylvania in the company of other women riders.

Our Transylvania Enduro expedition is a tour designed to showcase the very best of the region: think mountains and forests, authentic lodging and food, an occasional black bear, and views to die for.

We will be riding Yamaha WR250 and KTM359 bikes, exploring the Transylvanian countryside, tackling some technical sections, and laughing our butts off. This tour is all about gnarly riding, authentic living, and unbridled freedom.

Experience level: beginner/ medium



Day 1


We’ll pick you up from the Bucharest airport and drive down to Transylvania to settle into our hunting lodge-style accommodation, have a delicious meet-and-greet dinner from locally sourced food, and go to bed dreaming of vampires and dirt bikes (not necessarily in that order).

Day 2

Ride day!

Ride day!

We’ll jump on our trusty steeds and go through some dirt riding basics to brush up on our skills. Then, guided by our Transylvanian guardian angels Toni and Sani, we’ll start our journey through the deep dark Transylvanian woods and mountains. Expect mud, narrow trails, cross-country riding, and a picnic somewhere seriously scenic for lunch!

Day 3

More riding

You’ll be feeling your arms and butt by now, but we know nothing can stop you, so we’ll put in another day of riding. This time, we’ll aim for the higher mountain passes and those famous Transylvanian views.

Day 4

At this point, you will have bonded with the other gals like a gang of rally racing survivors, and you’ll be feeling like the Queen of Dirt Bikes. We’ll put in one more gnarly day of riding, scenery, crazy trails, and mud, and head back for a huge bonfire party at the end of the day. Yes, there will be dancing.

Day 5

This is the last day of riding, and by now, you’ll be feeling your arms, your butt, and your back, so we’ll go easy today and ride for half a day. Then, we’ll plonk ourselves down at a picnic table in the woods for a Transylvanian cookout – think barbeque and freshly picked mushroom dishes for the vegetarians on the team, all cooked on open fire and seasoned with love. Huzzah!