Want to travel Morocco and make a positive impact as you ride? Join our North Africa tour this September and help us make a difference in the lives of women and girls in the Rif Mountains of Morocco!

Picture this: 

– A team of women riders from the US and Europe, tackling the rugged terrain of Morocco on dirt bikes, exploring hidden villages, and uncovering the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture.

– Connecting with local women, sharing stories, and building a bridge of understanding.

– Directly contributing to education and employment programs that empower women and girls to create brighter futures!





Big Little Rides Morocco Women's motorcycle tour

The Rif Mountain region is stunning, and it’s an off-road heaven for motorcycle travels – but life for the local women and girls can be tough. Often, women in the region have little income that comes from low-paid, back-breaking farm work. Lots of girls don’t have access to secondary education as the high schools are located far away. The roads are poor or nonexistent and families can’t afford boarding schools; even then, home chores take preference over schoolwork, and for many women and girls in the rural areas of Rif, literacy and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty are few.

Women's motorcycle tour: Morocco

Partnering up with RifCom, a Gibraltar based NGO that’s helping Rif Mountain women and girls get access to education and better-paid work, we’d like to invite you to connect with the local women…and see if we can help! RifCom runs several impactful projects in the area ranging from girls’ boarding schools and kids’ pre-schools as well to women’s sewing co-ops, giving the local women and girls opportunities to gain access to education and financial independence.

Morocco women and girls

During our Morocco tour, we’ll visit one of the women’s co-ops, chat with the local ladies and girls, and see what life in the Rif Mountains looks like – and if, perhaps, we can make a bit of a difference.

Women's motorcycle tour in Morocco

To help out, we’re inviting you to participate in a fundraiser to boost the work of RifCom and help them build, develop, and continue their projects on women’s and girls’ education and work opportunities.

Our goal is to raise EUR 1,500 which will pay for classroom equipment and supplies for a rural preschool for one year; if we manage to raise EUR 3,000, this will pay a preschool teacher’s salary for one school year, and if we succeed in raising EUR 5,000, this will assist 15 girls to complete their high school Baccalauréat certificate. Here at Big Little Rides, as female riders, we want to give back as we travel areas where women and girls have few opportunities and options – and RifCom is doing real, impactful, sustainable work achieving just that.

Ready to travel with a purpose and help out local Moroccan women and girls to get access to education and sustainable work opportunities?

No amount is too small – any contribution is much appreciated!

Share this with your friends and like minded riders – the more funds we can raise, the bigger the impact, and from the Big Little Rides part, we will be donating a portion of the tour proceeds to the project! The Big Little Rides Morocco tour participants are also invited to pack some school supplies for the trip and deliver them personally to a girls’ boarding school in Chefchouan, connecting with locals in a supportive way.